Our italian flour from Molino Casillo

Italy is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, particularly its pasta, which is celebrated worldwide. The essence of exceptional pasta lies in its primary ingredient: flour. Molino Casillo, a prestigious Italian flour mill, has gained a reputation for producing high-quality flour that stands at the heart of many traditional Italian dishes. One notable user of Molino Casillo’s flour is Pasta Cusumano, a company dedicated to crafting premium pasta that embodies the true spirit of Italian cuisine. This article delves into the unique characteristics of Molino Casillo flour and its significant contribution to the production of Pasta Cusumano.

The excellence of Molino Casillo flour

Molino Casillo, based in Corato in the Apulia region, has been producing flour since 1958. The company’s commitment to quality starts with selecting the finest grains, which are carefully sourced from trusted Italian farmers. Molino Casillo specializes in various types of flour, including durum wheat semolina, which is particularly prized for pasta making due to its high protein content and gluten quality. The company utilizes advanced milling techniques that blend tradition with innovation, ensuring that the natural properties of the grain are preserved while achieving the perfect grind.

Durum wheat semolina from Molino Casillo is characterized by its golden color and granular texture, which are essential for creating pasta with the right consistency and taste. The high protein content in the flour ensures that the pasta holds its shape during cooking and has a desirable al dente texture, which is a hallmark of quality pasta. Additionally, Molino Casillo’s rigorous quality control processes ensure that each batch of flour meets stringent standards, providing Pasta Cusumano with a consistent and reliable ingredient for their production.

Pasta Cusumano: crafting tradition with Molino Casillo flour

Pasta Cusumano is an esteemed pasta producer that has built its reputation on the foundation of quality ingredients and traditional methods. The company’s collaboration with Molino Casillo is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Pasta Cusumano uses Molino Casillo’s durum wheat semolina to produce a variety of pasta shapes and sizes, each designed to capture the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine.

The production process at Pasta Cusumano begins with mixing Molino Casillo’s semolina with pure water, creating a dough that is then carefully kneaded and shaped using traditional bronze dies. This method, known as “trafilatura al bronzo,” imparts a rough texture to the pasta, which helps sauces cling better, enhancing the overall flavor of the dish. The pasta is then slowly dried at low temperatures, a process that preserves the nutritional qualities of the wheat and ensures a firm texture when cooked.

Using Molino Casillo flour, Pasta Cusumano is able to achieve a perfect balance of taste and texture in their products. The distinct characteristics of the flour enhance the pasta’s ability to absorb and complement a variety of sauces, from simple marinara to rich bolognese. This synergy between the flour and the pasta-making process exemplifies the harmonious blend of tradition and quality that defines both Molino Casillo and Pasta Cusumano.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Molino Casillo and Pasta Cusumano highlights the importance of using high-quality ingredients in the production of exceptional pasta. Molino Casillo’s durum wheat semolina provides the ideal foundation for Pasta Cusumano’s products, ensuring that each bite of pasta delivers the authentic taste and texture that Italian cuisine is known for. This partnership not only honors the rich culinary traditions of Italy but also sets a standard for excellence in the global pasta market

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