Crafting Excellence

The Artisanal Process of Cusumano Dry Pasta

At the Cusumano pasta factory, our commitment to producing exceptional
artisanal dry pasta is exemplified through a meticulously orchestrated process.
Central to our methodology are three key pillars: a deliberate slow-drying process,
the implementation of bronze drawing, and an unwavering commitment to utilizing
100% Italian durum wheat semolina

1. Selection of 100% Italian durum wheat semolina

The foundation of our pasta lies in the careful curation of raw materials. We exclusively employ 100% Italian durum wheat semolina, sourced with precision to ensure a product deeply rooted in the agricultural heritage of Italy. This selective sourcing contributes to the distinct flavor profile and quality that define Cusumano pasta

2. Bronze Drawing

The artistry of our pasta takes form through the implementation of bronze drawing. In contrast to conventional methods, this process imparts a unique texture to each strand of pasta. The bronze drawing, meticulously crafted and calibrated, create a surface that not only enhances the tactile experience but also facilitates an optimal interplay with sauces, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavors

3. Slow Drying Process

A hallmark of our commitment to quality is the deliberate and unhurried drying process. Opting for a slow drying method allows the pasta to gradually and uniformly release moisture, preserving the inherent characteristics of the grains. This patient approach ensures that the pasta retains its structural integrity and imparts a superior texture that aficionados of artisanal pasta appreciate.

In summation, the production of Cusumano dry pasta is a symphony of meticulous durum
wheat semolina selection, precise bronze drawing, and a deliberate slow- drying process.
This harmonious interplay of elements defines our commitment to delivering an
unparalleled culinary experience, where each strand embodies the essence of authenticity
and excellence.